LORD C15 - the quietest refrigerator on the market

This elegant freestanding fridge boasts the title of the quietest on the market thanks to its operation, which is quieter than a human whisper. At 29 dB, it has no competition in the market and ensures the quiet operation required even more in spaces where the kitchen is part of the living area. Lord C15 won't disturb you even while sleeping close to it.

LORD W10 - the only washing machine on the market with an integrated microplastic filter

Microplastics pose a huge burden on the environment. Washing synthetic materials releases them, and they are washed away into waste. In the ecosystem, they cause problems for living organisms, including humans. Thanks to the integrated filter, microplastics are captured in a special filter and do not end up in wastewater.

LORD H1 - the most dynamic cooktop on the market

With the Lord H1 built-in induction cooktop, you will no longer experience any delays in cooking. It is the most dynamic cooktop on the market with high performance of all four induction zones. You will have your meals cooked quickly and have time for other activities. The cooktop can bring 2 liters of water from 20 degrees to a boil in just 3.5 minutes.

LORD B5 - the combination of a compact oven with a microwave

Multifunctionality at its best! This is the ideal choice for those looking for a compact yet powerful oven with easy operation and a multitude of useful features. Thanks to the combination of conventional heating with microwave, it can significantly save your time.

LORD - German quality

German quality may sound like a cliché, but for us, it applies down to the last screw and nut. German quality in LORD appliances indicates a high level of craftsmanship, reliability, and precision in all activities related to the production of our products. A meticulous manufacturing process leads to the highest quality products.

LORD - a warranty of 1825 days and nights

With us, you will find more than just the standard two-year warranty required by law. We provide a total of 1825 days and nights of warranty on ALL appliances and ALL their parts. Yes, a total of 5 years of absolute assurance of reliable operation of your LORD appliance. Your peaceful sleep and the worry-free operation of your appliances are as important to us as they are to you.

5-year warranty
Directly from the manufacturer
Failure rate <1%
Own service

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