The modern LORD W5 front-loaded washing machine consumes 10% less power than other washing machines in energy class A+++ -10%.

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The modern LORD W5 front-loaded washing machine consumes 10% less power than other washing machines in energy class A+++ -10%. Top of the line technology detects the amount of laundry loaded within the range of 1-6,5kg, and based on this, adjust the water and power consumption. The appliance belongs to the category of SLIM washing machines with a product depth of just 47.9 cm.
The spin cycle speed can be regulated based on the selected programme, with the maximum speed being 1,200 rpm. The auto-balance system continuously checks the laundry distribution and ensures it is evenly distributed.
The LORD W5 washing machine has 15 programmes, which fully satisfy even the most demanding needs of your household. You will particularly appreciate several special programmes such as fine/silk, shirts/blouses, Outdoor, or the 15-minute Super quick programme.
With SpeedPerfect technology, you can reduce the cycle time of a selected programme for a quicker wash. The EcoPerfect function extends and optimizes the consumption of water and power.
A large touch display provides continuous control over the selected programmes, makes configuration easy and informs you about the washing process. Delayed start by up to 24 hours is also available.
The appliance is very quiet with a noise level of only 52 dB.
The product is designed to conform with modern trends and keep current. The shape of the washing machine sides ensures maximum stability, reduces vibrations and noise.
The full stainless-steel drum has a unique structure, which handles your laundry with the utmost care, prevents unwanted wrinkling and is easy to maintain.


Energy class: A+++ -10%
Quantity automation: maximum capacity 6,5 kg
Maximum spin cycle speed 1200/min
15 washing programmes: Cotton, Cotton + pre-wash, Cotton intensive, Mix 40°C, Fine/ silk, Wool/ hand wash, Rinse / Freshen, Spin /
drain, Super 15, Delicates, Night wash, Outdoor, Shirts / Blouses, Jeans, Easy maintenance

Touch controls
End of programme up to 24h
Remaining time until end of programme
Child lock
Visual and acoustic signal for end of programme
LED – Display (LED colour: yellow)
Extra silent operation 52 dB (A)
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 84.8 × 59.8 × 47.9 cm
W5 washing programmes:
1. Cotton
2. Cotton Eco
3. Easy Care
4. Delicates
5. Wool
6. Quick/Mix
7. Dark Clothes
8. Rinse
9. Spin/Drain
10. Duvets
11. Shirts
12. Lingerie
13. Outdoor
14. Quick 60 min.
15. Quick 15/30 min.


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