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Modern, built-in dishwasher LORD D1  thanks to low energy consumption belongs to energy class A ++ (A / A). Water consumption is 9.5 liters and electricity consumption 0.93 kWh per cycle.
The interior of the dishwasher is designed and arranged in such a way that all 14 dining sets are always perfectly clean and dried. Dishes are placed in 3 levels, the cutlery drawer is above standard. Thanks to this, you will still have the cutlery perfectly washed and there will be plenty of room in the dishwasher for other bulky dishes, pots and plates.

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The LORD D1 built-in fully integrated dishwasher belongs in energy class A++, which indicates a low power consumption. The dishwasher has a capacity of 14 sets of dishes. The inside of the appliance is designed to ensure each dish is perfectly washed and dried. Dishes can be divided into 3 baskets. The cutlery basket ensures all cutlery is perfectly washed and also provides additional room for other larger utensils and dishes.
Choose from 5 programmes. Whatever you find more convenient, either 45 °C or intensive washing at 70 °C. Also included is an economic programme that washes your dishes at a temperature of 50 °C. You can also select additional functions like a half-full dishwasher or pre-wash.
If you are not looking to perform special types of washing cycles, just select an automatic programme. The programme uses special sensors to assess how dirty the dishes are. Based on this assessment, the appliance sets the temperature automatically between 45 and 65 °C. At the same time, it only consumes the amount of water necessary to perform a perfect wash.

The dishwasher can activate itself, even in the middle of the night

Controlling the appliance is made easy via LED display. It allows you to configure each programme and provides continuous control over the selected programmes. The display indicates, for example, the time remaining for the washing programme to complete. It also informs you when the appliance needs replenishing rinse aid or special salt.
There is also a delayed start feature, which can be used to delay the start of the programme by up to 24 hours. Thus, the dishwasher will activate itself during the night or when you are at work. How do you know when the programme finishes? The appliance emits a ray of light on the ground accompanied with an acoustic signal.
The AquaStop function prevents accidents from occurring, especially when you are away. It is a mechanism that protects against flooding in the event of an appliance or water supply issue.
The LORD D1 dishwasher is equipped with a BLDC inverter motor. The advantages that this motor presents include resistance and economic operation, which are both thanks to the use of carbonless technology. No need to worry about unnecessary noise or vibrations. The noise level of this appliance is only 44 dB.

Several important specifications of the LORD D1 dishwasher

Energy class: A++
Water consumption: 9.5 l
Power consumption: 0.93 kWh
Noise: 44 dB
Capacity: 14 dish sets
Dimensions (H x W x D): 81.5 × 59.8 × 55 cm


Quick wash 45 °C
Intensive 70 °C
Economic 50 °C
Auto 45–65 °C
Fine 40 °C

LORD D1 dishwasher features

•Up to 14 sets of dishes can fit inside the dishwasher. Dishes and cutlery can be divided into 3 baskets.
•The cutlery basket ensures your cutlery will always be perfectly washed. Plus, it provides additional room for larger utensils and dishes.
•The start of the programme can be delayed by up to 24 hours.
•The appliance also features an AquaStop function, which protects your home from flooding in the event of the dishwasher malfunctions.
•The noise level of the appliance is only 44 dB, so no need to worry about excessive noise.

5 programmes to choose from

There are 5 programmes available to choose from. Useful programmes include the quick wash programme at 45 °C, intensive wash at 70 °C, or economic wash at 50 °C. VarioSpeed is another function that allows you to shorten the cycle time of the selected programme. Half-full or pre-wash options are also available.

A practical automatic programme saves energy and money

The automatic programme uses special sensors to assess how dirty the contents of the dishwasher are. After this assessment, the machine selects the ideal temperature and consumes only the necessary amount of water that ensures a perfect cleaning result.

LED display provides continuous control

The practical LED display makes it much easier to configure and have control over the selected programmes. It provides information regarding the time remaining until the end of the washing cycle and the need to replenish rinse aid or special salt.


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