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This built-in oven by LORD has an energy class A rating. Efficient insulation and a quadruple glass door save energy by keeping heat loss to a minimum.

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This built-in oven by LORD has an energy class A rating. Efficient insulation and a quadruple glass door save energy by keeping heat loss to a minimum.
There are eight baking programmes available to choose from. Baking pizza, strong grill with fan or eco hot air heating are all convenient options. Are there small children in the household? Then you will appreciate the safety lock feature.

Baking temperature shown on the display

All necessary parameter settings can be seen on the well-organized display, which also provides continuous control over selected programmes that can easily be selected via the practical retractable control knobs. Which items can be seen on the display? Besides the time, you can also see the timer, set temperature and kitchen alarm.
The inside of the oven with a volume of 57 litres is covered with a special pyrolytic enamel. It is resistant to temperatures reaching 510 °C. To ensure easy cleaning, the oven’s control panel and handle are made of brushed stainless steel. You do not have to worry about leaving fingerprint marks either.
LORD appliances were developed and are also produced in European manufacturing facilities, leaning on German precision technology.

Worry-free baking with this pyrolytic oven

LORD B1 belongs within the group of pyrolytic ovens. These appliances feature pyrolytic cleaning, which means manual cleaning and dealing with residual pieces of food after every use is not required. The oven burns all impurities at high temperatures and removes all odours and greases – therefore the oven is self-cleaning. A continuously clean oven also contributes to reducing power consumption by up to 10 % compared to other appliances in the same energy class.

Important information

installation: built-in
energy class: A – 10 %
power consumption for traditional heating: 0.90 kWh
power consumption for hot air heating: 0.71 kWh
stainless steel control panel
retractable control knob
volume: 57 l
digital display
power cable length: 95 cm
dimensions (H x W x D): 59.5 × 59.5 × 51.5 cm

Programmes and functions

bottom heating
fan heating
eco fan heating
conventional heating
grill, large area
grill, small area
hot air grill
quick heating

Equipment and accessories

telescopic shelves
chrome shelf bars
deep baking pan
chrome wire grid

LORD B1 oven features

•The oven is multi-functional with 8 baking programmes.
•Programmes can easily be selected via the practical and retractable control knob.
•Pyrolytic cleaning ensures the inside of the oven remains clean – no greases and undesired odours.
•Low power consumption thanks to multi-layer thermal insulation and a quadruple glass door.
•The child lock prevents your children from accidentally turning on the oven.

8 baking programmes to choose from

Of the 8 baking programmes, which the LORD B1 oven features, you will definitely appreciate hot air grilling, pizza mode, strong grill with fan or traditional baking and large area grill. Also included in the list of features is the Booster quick-heating mode and other baking modes that include the fan and grill functions.

Very easy to maintain

The oven is not very demanding in terms of maintenance. Pyrolytic cleaning guarantees that the inside surfaces of the oven remain perfectly clean, removed of any food residue, greases, impurities or odours. The advanced technology used minimizes the time required to clean the oven. The auto-cleaning function has 3 options.

Practical accessories included

The LORD B1 baking oven is equipped with a special pyrolytic enamel, resistant to high temperatures during the cleaning process – up to 510 °C. Also included are telescopic shelves, chrome shelf bars, a deep baking pan and chrome wire grid.


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